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Pretty good game, with a fatal flaw.

I played through the whole game, if you want me to keep the secret of the last level i will. But the thing that you reeeallly have to change is the Hitboxes for the mines and explosives..... They are waaaaay too big. I can tell you're using the hitTest code, cuz it's testing for the bounding boxes to collide, and since the mines and bombs are circles, you might have to change what you are testing for collision. The reason why this is a big problem is because you can get hit by mines and stuff when you can even tell that you were far enough to brush by it. What it looks like is that youre not even touching the mine, but it explodes you anyways. So if you're gonna use the hitTest, put a clip inside that clip, make it smaller (so the bound box is smaller than the borders of the circle) and test for that collision. It will make this game less annoying when you die.

Anyways pretty fun game.

Brings back memories

That was definitely Final Fight One's greatest character, Guy. Final Fight One was pretty cool and love Xiao Xiao stuff, so this creation is doubly coolz. Some pplz might say that you stole another persons idea, but this is still Xiao Xiao, and just simply parodying another fighting style....

The boss was pretty hard, but i'm sure i could have beat him if i didn't keep my lives setting only on 3. The only thing i found possible to do to him was the protect spin, And that would get tiring and repetitive after a while.

It seems okay....

I'm sure i would be able to get through this game... except the fact that the hit boxes are really messed up. I'm on the first level and i can't seem to get past a simple enemy because the air around him seems to defeat me.... or maybe it's just me.

I would like to finish this game....

It can get intresting

The only things that bothered me was the Annoying music... if it was a smoother loop, or a longer song, then it would be better, instead of starting and pause... starting, and pause again.

Plus, try to make the animation a little more smoother, im not sure if you had the frame rate really low... but it would look better if smoother.

Also, this is a fairly simple game, but what matters is if ppl will come back to play it again... add some features that makes your game unique compared to other fishing games.

It was okay....

I agree with everything else most of these other reviewers have been saying, but the only issue i have is, how do you block the spiders from shooting the globs of web at you? is that blockable at all? When you try to shoot the spiders the corpses of the recently killed worms get in the way.

But good otherwise...

YESSSS!!!!1... and i beat ur score.

LOVED IT! I'm a big fan of the flying shoot'em, dodge'em games(like Skyshark for the NES); the final boss was kinda outrageous though... i couldn't stand when he did the spiral crapperz all over the place, and i think it was the 6th boss as well (whichever was the final boss on earth) that was kinda annoying with something as well. But believe it or not, i didn't die once, had 17 lives at the finish, and score of 4965900! (i guess difficulty normal for me as well, or whatever is the default)

This is goin on my favorites... and i have to find out what system was this on, it's freakin sweet!


Very interesting

It doesn't need violence to be good.

I like experimental stuff. But for some reason i couldn't see any interactive menu.... maybe that has to do with my connection, because you did say that its different on different connections. Still, this was very intresting, and i liked the music and poem... just didn't know what else there was to do if that wasn't all.

Great game

It a really intresting concept, and fun game. Maybe it was just me, but the first few times i was wondering why i couldn't hit anyone with my noodly appendage, but i realized that i was hovering too low, making my noodles fly to far "forward" in the stage area. I couldn't realize this until i pulled back some and saw where i was contacting the ground.... This game would be perfect other than that. You could always limit the amount you can travel down even more.

Keep the good stuff coming

PlasmicSteve responds:

I added some hints to help people out - thanks for your feedback!

Was overall pretty good.

Was cool except the annoying siren after scoring was too long. Couldn't skip it. A slow paced game but great style and graphics.

I just don't understand one thing

It would be alittle better if you could actually see your enemy. The only time I can see them is if they are able to shoot me. And when they do shoot me, they use all of these good weapons, and blow me up easily. If I could see them, I would be able to plan my attack easier, because they always seem to have the first strike in this case. Hope this helps you some. Otherwise, good game.

Animate your music....

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