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Goin to be a great series

Such a great idea for a flash video, verry funny! Conflict's between the clones, you know it's there... just not shown as much in the games. Obviously an improvement in the development of the flash since the first episode. It's just great when you recognize the scenes from other games.... (as soon as i recognized that boss giant metal skeleton i was crackin up!!!)... pretty much every parody you've done in the video i can relate to. Hilarious stuff, can't wait for the rest.

Pretty good

Anything that parodies the Burly Brawl scene from the matrix is already up there. This was kinda funny. The only thing i didn't get was the random lion pic in the clouds.. but was probably parodying something i didn't know about. Well done. Keep it up


It needed sound effects... thats about it, and a background would have helped as well. good frame by frame, looked a little like sloppy tracing though.

Was entertaining.

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Pretty good game, with a fatal flaw.

I played through the whole game, if you want me to keep the secret of the last level i will. But the thing that you reeeallly have to change is the Hitboxes for the mines and explosives..... They are waaaaay too big. I can tell you're using the hitTest code, cuz it's testing for the bounding boxes to collide, and since the mines and bombs are circles, you might have to change what you are testing for collision. The reason why this is a big problem is because you can get hit by mines and stuff when you can even tell that you were far enough to brush by it. What it looks like is that youre not even touching the mine, but it explodes you anyways. So if you're gonna use the hitTest, put a clip inside that clip, make it smaller (so the bound box is smaller than the borders of the circle) and test for that collision. It will make this game less annoying when you die.

Anyways pretty fun game.

Brings back memories

That was definitely Final Fight One's greatest character, Guy. Final Fight One was pretty cool and love Xiao Xiao stuff, so this creation is doubly coolz. Some pplz might say that you stole another persons idea, but this is still Xiao Xiao, and just simply parodying another fighting style....

The boss was pretty hard, but i'm sure i could have beat him if i didn't keep my lives setting only on 3. The only thing i found possible to do to him was the protect spin, And that would get tiring and repetitive after a while.

It seems okay....

I'm sure i would be able to get through this game... except the fact that the hit boxes are really messed up. I'm on the first level and i can't seem to get past a simple enemy because the air around him seems to defeat me.... or maybe it's just me.

I would like to finish this game....

Animate your music....

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