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Goin to be a great series

Such a great idea for a flash video, verry funny! Conflict's between the clones, you know it's there... just not shown as much in the games. Obviously an improvement in the development of the flash since the first episode. It's just great when you recognize the scenes from other games.... (as soon as i recognized that boss giant metal skeleton i was crackin up!!!)... pretty much every parody you've done in the video i can relate to. Hilarious stuff, can't wait for the rest.

Pretty good

Anything that parodies the Burly Brawl scene from the matrix is already up there. This was kinda funny. The only thing i didn't get was the random lion pic in the clouds.. but was probably parodying something i didn't know about. Well done. Keep it up


It needed sound effects... thats about it, and a background would have helped as well. good frame by frame, looked a little like sloppy tracing though.

Was entertaining.

Cool frame by frame stuff

That was a great shortie. Smooth animation. I laughed everytime the guy did a 3 hit combo leading into a double dirt'n'the face.

Pretty funny stuff.
Good Job

That was great

I like flash material that takes a song, and animates it...

It was very amusing, especially the fight scene on top of the White pea. (*Owww!*)

great Idea. Keep it up.

Funny but also dissapointing

Yes of course I remember contra, I've beat every contra game (except the one for PS2, which is waay too hard). This flash was kinda funny when it all of a sudden busts out with some south park. I laughed my ass of when they started to bend over. The only thing that hurt this animation so much is the fact that it had nothing to do with Contra. Something from the game besides the sprites could have been put in.

Nice work, could have been better.

Well Done.

I like the idea of putting a story to music, since I really love music. The poem was good (but I couldn't read the last line, it was cut off, except the kanji part, And I'm not great with kanji.) And the graphics were too good (It ran really slow at some points, cuz there was too much). It was a great thing to have a button to show the score as well (the playback line got off sometimes). This reminds me of a series that I'm creating as well, except the fact that there will be something else besides a score for the music that I'm doing...

Great job! Hope there is more!

I almost missed it.

I'm a bit slow... but when I thought about it, I figured it out, then laughed my ass off. I couldn't stop laughing for a while, so it's even kinda hard for me to write this review.

All your stuff is Soooo Funny!
Keep it up! (loved ur X-Men Stuff!)

That was pretty funny...

I didn't mind the drawings, they just added to the humor. The only thing that bothered me were the fast messages...

Alucard should have done a little more.

That was a great episode!... I liked to see the suprise characters come about. Not to be picky, but Alucard should have done something besides speak a part... and his voice should have been a little deeper. Just cuz i'm used to it. I don't really know much about the FinFan Characters, but this is still a great series!

The repetitiveness is funny sometimes, but not all the time.

Great job... looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Animate your music....

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